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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Whyte Wings Media provides social media management for your brand. We create a strong digital mouthpiece for your brand to communicate & engage with your audience & potential audience. Our agency manages social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. on your behalf – letting you focus on business. 

Branding & Design

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Your Brand is the core of your Business. No matter if you are a sole trader or a multinational company, it is a critical factor to get right to be successful. Right from suggesting a name to your business, developing the perfect tagline, to designing the logo to creating the perfect brand image is all we do for you. 


Website Development

Social Media Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


A well-designed website speaks volumes about your company & brand. It can make or break the first impression of your company to your clientele. Our creative hats are constantly working to create a sharp, attractive, user-friendly & professional website. A well-designed website will add to the future growth of your business.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


We don’t just stop at developing your website; we also have solutions to leverage in the best ways possible. Want your website to appear on top on the search engine results page? You can get the best solution & also more ways to generate traffic to your website. Our advertising campaigns are reliable & clearly targeted to deliver results within a reasonable period.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

ORM (Reputation Management)


If you’re looking at more hits on your website, then our PPC (pay per click) advertising method is the most appropriate one. With a focus to improve the volume of your business by carefully planning & executing advertising campaigns, our services are specialized to deliver the desired numbers suitable in terms of numbers & also relevance. 

ORM (Reputation Management)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

ORM (Reputation Management)


Be it for an individual or business, reputation is one of the most essential components of your environment. No matter what is the size your business, it’s extremely vital to have a strong reputation in your industry! And that’s what we exactly do, create & maintain a staunch online reputation for yourself, your brand & company.


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Chief Everything Officers

Founded by two dynamites (the ingenious) Rachita Ramnani & Mihir Mehta; we at Whyte Wings Media are a team of young enthusiasts who love challenges & digital media. 


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We offer complete social media solution, right from designing your logo, creating a presence on social media & maintaining uniformity across all offline as well as online platforms; everything in between!  

Let’s team-up mate

When executed well, social media can up dramatic & measurable marketing results. High Brand Awareness, Buzz Creation, New customer acquisition & much more. Yet effective social media implementation eludes most brands.  Clients don’t have expertise on staff & are not prepared for the time & resources commitment. Most brands lag exploring the power of social media due to budget or understanding reasons. That’s where Whyte Wings Media can help!  


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We will fix up an existing bad or incomplete brand strategy or create an absolutely new strategy & give your brand – the wings to fly!